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Ballarat Malayalee Association(BMA)

Our Vision

The main objective of this organization is to provide a non-political forum to bring together people from the state of Kerala in India under one banner to strengthen the common bonds of culture, tradition and way of life.

Our Mission

The main focus of this organization is to foster the cultural, artistic and social uniqueness of people of Kerala living in Ballarat and also to equip them to be resilient and to adapt to understand other cultures with which they interact and coexist.

Our Objectives

  • To promote the cultural wealth of Kerala within the Australian society, to serve as a bridge in the dialogue and communication between it and the Kerala community, observing in its actions an unrestricted respect for human rights and individual and collective freedoms, without discriminating by reason of gender, race, religion or political belief, becoming a neutral forum in matters of political and religious doctrine.
  • To promote the cultural heritage of Kerala among present and future generations of Australian Keralites.
  • To serve as a meeting place for friends and admirers of Kerala.
  • To facilitate communication with fellow Keralites who are taking part in the various programs for residents in Australia.
  • To coordinate and collaborate in obtaining scholarships and funds for the development of Australia’s multicultural society
  • To organize and promote sports and recreational activities
  • To organize literary and cultural events and activities
  • To organize events to celebrate cultural traditions of Kerala community

Our History

It is for malayalees in Ballarat who are concerned with their heritage and culture and especially those who are interested in the history of their social identity.

It was in 2009, when the number of Malayalee families in Ballarat, Victoria, had grown to about twenty. Then the need for a social organisation for the community was felt desirable.

An informal discussion within a group of families took place at St. Patricks Cathedral Hall, Ballarat on Dec 2009. There was a strong desire among the people from these get together of Malayalee community. To feel they were part of a common heritage having a unique culture and history with roots in the southern tip of the Indian peninsula and this was to be achieved by establishing a social identity here in Ballarat.

In 2009 the Malayalee group’s first get together was enthusiastically supported by every family in organising the entertainment part of the function and also all families had a share in preparing a sumptuous feast for the occasion. Everyone attended the function and enjoyed it immensely. Everyone felt like ‘BEING HOME’ and felt a sense of togetherness and belonging, It was the first time we had so many familiar faces and new faces together in one place in Ballarat. When the idea of establishing an Association for the community was proposed at this function it was enthusiastically supported by all.

In 8th August 2017 this association Legally become the Registered Organisation named “BALLARAT MALAYALEE ASSOCIATION INC. (BMA) incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.

The Association is meant to provide a suitable forum for discussion of our common interests and a stage for demonstrating talents.

Apart from occasional games and sports associated with the annual celebration of ONAM, X’ Mas/ New Year, Vishu/Easter, We successfully conducted the Food Festival which catered around more than 500 people in Ballarat. We also successfully completed a Blood Donation Campaign on 15th Aug 2019 at Ballarat Donor Centre.

Some of our members and children had organised themselves a cricket team which play matches on a regular basis at Victoria Park ground and the team members are playing for the Cricket clubs in Ballarat. Malayalam classes had been conducted on every Saturday and Sunday at 72, Learmonth Street for the children. On every two months we screened new Malayalam movies.  We have a BMA Youth Wing and BMA Women’s Wing. Youth Wing had successfully completed a Quiz Competition during July 2019.

Whatever we have achieved in the past have been made possible by a succession of our Senior members and their families who have devoted their efforts to plan, organise and to conduct various activities Our Association has always provided a fully democratic forum for the expression of the ideas and interests of every member. And as such we should accept the democratic processes and the results that ensue.

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